What is Media Buying?

One of the most important issues is identified when the target group determining brand positioning. Each ad has segments with specific characteristics that it musts achieve. Media planning allows the generated messages to reach the target audience in the most effective way by using the right channels. Determines where and when an ad campaign and communication materials should be applied. Most ad messages; aims to reach the right consumers with the most economical budget.

Importance of Media Planning in Media Buying

The task of media planning is to bring together the different media channels and to determine where, when and at which frequency the generated message will be encountered with the target audience. If our message is unread, unheard or unwatched by the target audience, it is not possible for our ad to be successful and effective. However, the number of media alternatives is increasing day by day, which makes the media planning process a little complicated. Not only the number of media tools, but also adding new media tools to traditional media tools, aggravates the role of planners.

Media Buying and Cretuar

As cretuar; According to brand requirements, we offer advertising and purchasing models through analytical and realistic approaches through many channels and platforms. With our awareness and experience in the sector, we make media purchases that we can get maximum access with minimum prices in line with the media plan prepared for your brand.